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What does the Nishigandha experience entail?

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Nishigandha Lawns and Convention Center is an unique and tranquil setting for any event or function. The natural beauty of our premises accompanied by our professional, experienced and well trained staff go hand in hand in making your event last long in the memory of your guests for all the right reasons. Our policy is to ensure that the venue is adapted to suit the requirements of the client and not vice versa.

At Nishigandha, we place a great emphasis on first listening to the clients, understanding their requirements and then tailoring solutions accordingly. Want a Genset? It’s available. No idea where to get chairs, sofas or round tables? We’ve got you covered. Don’t have time to look for experienced decorators, caterers or DJs'? We will offer some options.


big indoor banquet hall
  • Approximate Capacity: 300-1200 guests.
  • Area: 12500 sq. feet.
  • Ceiling Height: 22.6 feet.
Rukmini means ‘adorned with gold’ which is exactly what our big indoor banquet hall looks like. Host your special occasion at Rukmini, our flagship indoor banquet hall.
Small indoor banquet hall
  • Approximate Capacity: 100-400 guests.
  • Area: 6000 sq. feet.
  • Ceiling Height: 22.6 feet.
Taraka means ‘star’. Our second indoor banquet hall can either be used with our flagship indoor banquet hall or as a standalone banquet hall for your smaller, more intimate celebrations.
Mega turf
  • Approximate Capacity: Up to 2000 guests.
  • Area: 40000 sq. feet.
Anjor means ‘bright’. Ever dreamt of getting married under the stars? Look no further than Anjor, our flagship mega turf lawn, which dazzles brightly on a starry night. Tie the knot swathed by starlight.
small turf
  • Approximate capacity
    -400-500 guests.
  • Area -5000sq feet.
Magha means the bountiful one. If there is any benchmark for Indian events and functions, then it would be that they have to be bountiful in terms of the level of enjoyment of the guests. This benchmark can be achieved with Magha, our smaller outdoor turf , which enables you to have smaller outdoor events without the hassle of booking the mega turf.

Ever thought of having an event next to a lake? Nishigandha also owns a separate villa which is not more than a drive of 15 minutes from the main Banquet hall. The Villa is an extremely intimate venue, full of trees, shrubs and greenery, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Villa can be used as an accommodation option but its natural beauty and location makes it a perfect fit for an intimate function such as Sangeet, Haldi or even pre –wedding shoots.


Fancy a bite to eat in between functions? We have an onsite veg as well as non-veg restaurant. The restaurant is fully licensed to serve alcohol as well. Also, the restaurant comes equipped with a private room equipped with a dance floor making it the perfect venue for an after wedding party.




Ever been to an event where parking was a hassle?  

We have got you covered with a space that can accommodate around 500-700 cars so that your guests can spend their valuable time enjoying the function rather than going around in circles looking for parking.  

We also have valet parking services available on request to ensure a smooth and hassle free event experience.



Guests coming from out of town? Too tired to go home after the function or just want a power nap between functions? Don’t fret.  

We have 14 Executive rooms available which are characterized by modern finishes, ambient space and comfortable surroundings. They come equipped with a separate air conditioning unit, television and modern ensuite bathroom.  

For larger groups who don’t mind sharing, we also have 2 dormitories equipped with the facility for putting 7-8 beds.

Nishigandha Inhouse Restaurant In Pune

In-House Restaurant 

Fangman Restaurant, our in-house restaurant to enjoy delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine during the preparation of your function or after your function! 

It’s also got an attached dance floor, perfect to host an after-party! 

We are a one stop shop for all your event requirements and we will make the process of organizing an event hassle free for you..

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